Sourced for the international market

Right from the start we have been working hard to make our fruits special and different from the rest. We started by exporting the Vietnamese pomelo, which until we started, was unknown on the world market.


Most sold pomelo’s in Europe and Asia were being supplied by China, Thailand and a small volume came from Israel. What made our product different, was the taste (more juicy and more flavor) and our ability to supply our pomelo year-round, meeting the highest international standards.



After the successful introduction of our pomelo, we developed a second unique product: a year-round program of untreated seedless lime. Again we were able to make a distinction in the market, our limes are very juicy, have a nice deep green colour and are untreated after the harvest. This means that our untreated limes are not waxed and no post-harvest fungicides are used. This makes our limes the perfect ingredient for food and drinks.





Our products are available in leading supermarket chains across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We work with world class importers and distribution companies, with whom we develop long term relations for regular supply programs.


Through our dedicated cold store and logistic service provider in the Netherlands, we are also able to serve customers in Western Europe on a per pallet basis. For most customers we have weekly arrivals of containers by sea, 52 weeks per year, in various harbors around the world.


For our range of fresh cut products, herbs and exotics with shorter shelf life, we have developed regular air freight shipment programs. We are using special insulated thermal covers for our pallets to assure that our products are well protected from temperature shocks during transit. We monitor this carefully with temperature data-loggers on every shipment.